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Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:30 am

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I just posted this in another thread, but I thought it was important enough for its own thread:
Allow me to strongly advise you NEVER leave your awning out overnight - or when you wander away from your site!

I can say this after a freak windstorm happened to us (while we sat watching!) and blew our awning up over the top of the new trailer, snapping it, shattering a skylight and a roof vent. $1600 in damages!

Then, last week at Henry's Lake in Idaho, we watched a storm front whipping toward us from across the lake. Three of us grabbed the awning seconds before it hit, and it was all we could do for the three of us to get it rolled up and secured. It would have been ripped off, for sure.

Take it from me, roll up your awning at nights... or when you leave your campsite...OR if you even suspect an approaching storm!

(PS - watch those pinching sliding rails! They have "bloodblister" written all over them!)

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